About Us

On a spiritual retreat with other Reiki Masters we found inspiration in these precious gems.

The colours and lustre of the crystals along with the hidden meanings are magical.

We love the rich amber and deep chocolate and caramel tones in Tigers Eye which for generations has been associated with wisdom.

The peaceful purples of Amethysts evoke memories of lavender fields in Provence.

Soothing pale pinks in Rose Quartz were calming and we learnt the crystal has had a long association with unconditional love.

A personal favourite is the sky blue and royal indigo tones found in Sodalite believed to help with creativity. 

The strength and shine of gun metal grey Hematite associated with increasing energy.

The coolest white and grey hues in Snowflake Obsidian believed for generations to enhance power and strength.


We spent time researching the ancient healing beliefs associated with the stones which helped us create the woo way collection. 


Beautiful bracelets each one unique and personal that can help with meditation and mindfulness.

They can be gifted to loved ones to celebrate special moments in life.


What a magical journey it has been.